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Dr. Alan Farahani

Dr. Alan Farahani

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  • May 2014: PhD | University of California, Berkeley
  • May 2007: BA | Rutgers University, New Brunswick 


  • Aug 2021 - present: Research and Data Scientist
    - Ancient People and Plants Laboratory
    Department of Anthropology
    PI: Prof. Katherine Chiou,                          University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
    - Armenian Laboratory
    Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
    PI: Dr. Kristine Martirosyan-Olshansky   University of California, Los Angeles
  • Aug 2018 - Jun 2021: Assistant Professor

    Department of Anthropology                     University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Sep 2014 - Jul 2018: Postdoctoral Scholar

    Cotsen Institute of Archaeology                University of California, Los Angeles



  • 2022: Farahani, A and R. Sinensky. “Challenges and Prospects of Diversity Measures in Paleoethnobotany”
    in M. Eren and B. Buchanan (eds.), Defining and Measuring Diversity in
    Archaeology. New York: Berghahn Books.

  • 2021: Burton, M., P.S. Quinn, K. Bennallack, A. Farahani, M.D. Howland, M. Najjar, and
    T.E. Levy. “Ceramic Technology at Wadi Fidan 61, an Early Pottery Neolithic Site (ca.
    6500 BCE) in the Faynan Region of Southern Jordan”. Journal of Archaeological Science:
    Reports 38: 103029.

  • 2021: Kaufman, B., H. Barnard, A. Drine, R. Khedher, A. Farahani, S. Ben Tahar, E. Jerray, B.
    Damiata, M. Daniels, J. Cerezo-Roman, T. Fenn, and V. Moses. “Quantifying Surplus and
    Sustainability in the Archaeological Record at the CarthaginianRoman Urban Mound
    of Zita, Tripolitania”. Current Anthropology 62.

  • 2020: Farahani, A. “Paleoethnobotany and Ancient Agriculture” in T. Howe and D. Hollander
    (eds.), A Companion to Ancient Agriculture, pp. 7-36. New York: Wiley Blackwell.

  • 2018: Farahani, A. “A 2500-Year Historical Ecology of Agricultural Production under Empire
    in Dhiban, Jordan”, Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 52: 137-155.

  • 2016: Farahani, A., B.W. Porter, H. Huynh, and B. Routledge. “Crop Storage and Animal
    Husbandry in Early Iron Age Khirbat al-Mudayna al-‘Aliya (Jordan): A Paleoethnobotanical
    Approach”. Annual of ASOR 69: 27-90. Boston: ISD.

  • 2014: Farahani, A. Sasanian Empire, Archaeology of the. In C. Smith (ed.) Encyclopedia of
    Global Archaeology, Vol. 10, pp. 6463-6471. New York: Springer.

  • 2012: B. W. Porter, B. Routledge, Fatkin, D.S., K. Adelsberger, A. Farahani, and W. Schultz.
    The Dhiban Excavation and Development Project’s 2009 season: Field L excavations.
    Annual of the Department of Antiquities, Jordan 56: 111-129.

  • 2011: Fatkin, D.S., K. Adelsberger, A. Farahani, A. Fischer, S.W. Kansa, J. Lev-Tov, C.
    Morgan, B. W. Porter, B. Routledge, and A. T. Wilson. Digging deeper: Technical
    reports from the Dhiban Excavation and Development Project (2004-2009). Annual of the
    Department of Antiquities, Jordan 55: 249-256.



  • 2019: Natural Environment Research Council NRCF Application for C14 dating (Application no. 2219.1019). PI: Augusta McMahon (University of Cambridge), PhD: Michael Lewis (University of Cambridge), Co-Investigator: Steve Renette (University of Pennsylvania), Co-Investigator: Alan Farahani (UNLV)

  • 2013: Harris Grant, American Schools of Oriental Research 

  • 2012: National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (BCS# 1135042)



  •  2018: Antiquity Prize for Farahani et al. 2017

  • 2016-7: Chancellor’s Award for Postdoctoral Research (Honorable Mention), UCLA

  • 2015: Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Dissertation Award

  • 2013-4: John L. Simpson Memorial Research Fellowship in International
    and Comparative Studies, Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley

  • 2007: Linguistics Award in Academic Excellence, Rutgers University

  • 2007: Joseph B. Bradley Award for Premodern History, Rutgers University

  • 2018 - present: Tell Hisban Archaeological Project (Jordan)
    Archaeologist / Paleoethnobotanist
    Director(s): Bethany Walker, Bonn University

  • 2009 - 2019: Dhiban Excavation and Development Project (Jordan)

    Archaeologist / Paleoethnobotanist
    Area Supervisor: June 2012/3, Square Supervisor: Jul - Aug 2009, June - July 2010
    Director(s): Katherine Adelsberger, Knox College | Benjamin Porter, UC Berkeley,
    Bruce Routledge, University of Liverpool | Danielle S. Fatkin, Knox College

  • 2009 - 2014: Khirbet al-Mudayna al-Aliya Project (Jordan)
    Director(s): Benjamin Porter, UC Berkeley | Bruce Routledge, University of Liverpool